In praise of film actors

Of recent, I have had to create and submit several video recordings of my work for various auditions and callbacks. In doing so, I have developed a deep appreciation for all film actors. Even those who are riddled by people’s negative opinions. Even they, the nameless “bad actors” with their seeming lack of ability, manage to make them selves look presentable, sane, and human on that streaming device that you own. To them I write this single strophe of an ode.

To the perfectly symmetrical I offer my praise

 or to those made cute by having a dimple,

in the mirror you must have gazed for days

 to know when to be small and simple.

On the playback of my 78th attempt

   as I watch my eyes continuously darting

       and notice my jaw seems to open and close sideways,

I tell myself never to hold you in contempt

    as I delete, delete, and come to terms with restarting

       and decide to just tell myself that you never had fly-aways.***


***Those freaking annoying baby hairs that somehow manage to make me look disheveled on camera when my hair has never, ever, ever (even when Daniel Hogan did it) looked more put together.




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